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Amish Farm became a family favorite in 2010, but it is a recipe that has been passed down for generations. Our giant bars last longer, lather better, and are all natural leaving your skin refreshed and bright and ready for all life throws at you. 

As a family favorite and a well-recognized household name, adding Amish Farm Soap to your store shelves would make for a guaranteed best seller!

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Amish Farm Soap

Item # 001

5 Bar Bag

Five 5+ Ounce Bars. 12 bags to a case. 

56 Cases per Pallet.

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Amish Farm Soap

Item # 002

Six Bar Gift Box

Six 6+ Ounce Bars. 8 Boxes to a case.

72 Cases per Pallet.

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Amish Farm Soap

Item # 003

Bulk Bar Soap Box

One Factory Package Case has 75 Bar of Soap.

The Bars 5 to 7 Ounce each.

Come 56 cases to a pallet with a total of 4,200 Bars


Amish Farm Soap

Item # 004

Gaylord Pallet

The Gaylord Pallet is one single pallet of 3,500 Soap Bars. 

The Bars are 5 to 7 Ounces each.

Comes in Solid or Mixed Colors


About the Soap

Amish Farm Soap is made with a cold process handmade soap that is produced under very low temperatures. The curing process lasts for over one month before the soap is hand cut into bars.

Amish Farm Soap is natural soap made with palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, tallow, water, natural glycerin, powdered oatmeal and natural wildflower scent and a special lotion added to soften dry skin. We use as much natural ingredients as possible with no cancer causing chemicals


Made in the USA

All Natural  -  Family Favorite  -  Bar Soap

Try what we call the world’s best soap today! Amish Farm Soap is terrific for washing the whole body and has a wonderful, clean fragrance. The lather is ultra thick, silky smooth and great for shaving or washing hair. Amish Farm Soap is also pet friendlyhg